‘Call them a care team, call them a community, call them family or friends. However you describe them, whoever you are, you need one.’

Welcome to Purple Heather

At Purple heather, we are committed to providing nurturing support and services to those we partner with. We aim to establish and sustain your community of informal, formal, and mainstream supports and services to provide you with the care and support you need.

Our Purpose is to create opportunities for people to feel safe and supported by providing care aimed at filling your cup. Our Vision is to facilitate a nurturing environment that improves the health and wellbeing of individuals and to maintain family-based care arrangements and care teams where possible.

Our Values

We Are Inclusive

We champion you to have a voice, and not just a seat at the table. Building teams that include, value and trust each other is so important and we promise that no one is favoured or treated unfairly just because of who they are.

We Are Innovative

We provide reliable and responsive supports and always think outside the box. We are passionate and creative in finding solutions to overcome life’s challenges and believe that supports & services are never a one size fits all solution.

We Are Authentic

We strive to remain honest, original and genuine in our work and relationships.  You are encouraged to speak openly, without judgement and ask questions. Relationships cannot grow without trust, and trust cannot be established unless you feel safe to show your authentic self.

We Are Holistic

We appreciate the importance of your story and collaboratively helping you achieve your goals. Working together and feeling connected to aspects of your journey that promotes positive physical, mental, emotional and social wellness

Who We Work With

Purple Heather can support private, NDIA, self and plan managed participants and their families to identify care and capacity building support that meet their individual needs.

We focus on developing and sustaining trusting and therapeutic relationships with individuals and their Purple Heather team.

Ask a Question

    Getting you the support you need to live the life you want

    We provide services that are valuable, meaningful, and cost effective to our Participants.

    Our services focus on providing participants with the scaffolding they need to achieve things in life they find most important. We can help you to grow your care team with people who care about you and your ambitions.

    Our unique approach to care and coordination personalises the experience
    for every child, young person, & grownup we are connected to

    Cup Filling Care, Coordination & Supports